The Picks of the Season 2020

As the weather forecasts are already starting to refer to the first snow, and as both water and air temperatures are about to fall below 10°C, the sailing season is practically over. Many great moments have been experienced on the waters during the summer and the autumn.


The beginning of the season was cool and windy, but we didn’t let that to prevent us from sailing, as the Likosenlahti-Sarviniemi trip demonstrated. Also in the fall, it was wonderful to experience fall colors, warm air, calm wind and moonlight sailing in the same package, when we visited Satamosaari. The trip to Suuri Lintusaari was perhaps the most balanced combination of wind and temperature conditions.

Arrival at Sarviniemi across Pirunroikka reef

The Best Destination

This year, choosing the finest item is not difficult. It’s definitely Jurmo, which actually was one of the goals for the season. The only negative thing about going there was that you don’t really feel like swimming in the salty and seaweedy waters of the Baltic Sea when you’re used to something better. In Saimaa, for example, Suuri Lintusaari balances the overall experience of the season from that perspective.

Jurmo village

The Best Water

No new waters were visited this year, even if that was planned. This summer we visited Suur-Saimaa, the Eastern Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea. Of these, Suur-Saimaa felt like the best water this year again, thanks to the numerous sandy beaches and fresh water, but naturally sailing at the sea has its own charm.

Swimming at the fine sandy beach of Suuri Lintusaari

The Best Experience

The most magnificent experience was sailing in the Archipelago Sea to Jurmo, when we covered a total of 61 nautical miles in two days. It’s a pretty good achievement with a family on a small craft. Nevertheless, in Saimaa, the season’s last sailing to Satamosaari was a memorable trip because of the beautiful sunset and moonlight sailing.

On the "gutter" to Jurmo

The Most Challenging Conditions

The most challenging weather was in the beginning of June when we sailed to Sarviniemi. During it, the wind speed varied around 20 knots that guaranteed many exciting moments. However, thanks to one-way sailing, the weather was under control at all times, with the exception of the passage in Ilkonselkä, when a death roll-type crash was not far off.

Sailing at speed of about eight knots on Ilkonselkä in June

The Best New Gear

The best purchase was a new separator disc for furling genoa of Sarastus. Delivery of the spare part of swift and straightforward, thanks for Aero Luff Spars.

Disc of the furling genoa replaced

The Most Useful New Skill

During this season’s sailing trips our sailing skills have deepened. In addition to that I have also worked on the boat project in the background. It has taught many lessons in woodworking with plywood, epoxy and battens. I hope the launching day becomes reality in the next summer.

Gluing the two halves of the water ballast cover piece together

Looking Forward

Experience in Wayfarer sailing has been gained with Sarastus during seven summers already. The past summer was a bit special in terms of weather and society, so let’s see how the next season is going to be. All the same, the plan is to explore new islands and new waters, as usual.

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