An English sailing expert stated once that any British sailor would be ready to cut off another of their legs to get similar sailing waters around the Britain as we have in Finland. Our lakes have also been covered by foreign magazines and travel sites. The Finnish Lakeland is one of the best-kept secrets among the small boat cruising areas in Europe. I wonder if we Finns value our waters high enough.

The posts of this blog are about sailing in the following waters. The rightmost column shows the total sailing distance we have covered on each water.

Water Region / Outflow Area Distance
Suur-Saimaa Vuoksi river 1490 km²998 M
Pihlajavesi Vuoksi river 710 km²49 M
Puruvesi Vuoksi river 420 km²43 M
Haukivesi Vuoksi river 560 km²26 M
Päijänne Kymijoki 1100 km²20 M
Oulujärvi Oulujoki 928 km²24 M
The Gulf of Finland The Baltic Sea 29600 km²108 M
The Archipelago Sea The Baltic Sea 8300 km²130 M
Lough Derg Shannon 130 km²106 M
1504 M