The Gulf of Finland

The Gulf of Finland National Park is at the southeast corner of Finland, near Russia and the open sea. There are many fine destinations and also plenty of wild nature. More to west, near to Hanko, there is another national park, known as Ekenäs Archipelago National Park. In additional to the national parks there are many other good destinations in the area. On the Estonian side of the gulf, in the south, there are many fine sandy beaches.

For a dinghy cruising sailor The Gulf of Finland offers versatile possibilities. In the national parks there are many nice destinations and the archipelagoes have plenty of open water to sail. Naturally the closeness of the open sea can bring tough conditions depending on the wind direction and force.

Our trips to The Gulf of Finland are listed below. Featured articles are marked with star.

DateDate Title Boat DistanceDist
22 Jun 2020 Ulko-Tammio Sarastus 27 M
20 Jul 2019 Lanskeri Sarastus 16 M
1 Sep 2018 Mustamaansyvä Sarastus 12 M
20 Aug 2016 Kaunissaari Sarastus 18 M
30 Jul 2016 Suuri-Pisi Sarastus 20 M
93 M