· The Gulf of Finland · Sarastus · 12 M

We sailed on Mustamaansyvä in easterly fresh freeze while 1.5 m (5 feet) waves were rolling from the port side and GPS showed our speed was between five and six knots. Neither of us had ever seen so big waves but we were doubtless of Wayfarer’s persistence to survive. The unreefed main sail and the doubts of our ability to make landfall on Lanskeri island made us to do a 180° turn and follow the plan C. The plan B would have been to beat to Suuri Pisi island but a more experience crew would have been needed for that because of the weather. Conditions were evidently toughter than 7-13 knots predicted by the marine forecast.

So, in the morning I and my mother had launched from Klamila marina and headed for Lanskeri. Despite of the U-turn neither of us considered the trip as failure but we were thankful for the impressive experiences with the elements. We had picnic in the nice scenery provided by the Klamila breakwater, and after it we drove home.

Sarastus prepared for the adventure
Metsä-Haru and Lanskeri visible in the background, after the U-turn
Restful picnic on Klamila breakwater
From Klamila harbour to Mustamaansyvä and back