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The Archipelago Sea as a boating destination has been in our list for long. Finally there was a good chance to have a trip there. We launched from Paraisten portti slipway and headed south, towards The Archipelago Sea National Park, where the forecast predicted 7 knot breeze which would build up by the evening.

Launching from the slipway was adventurous because of its steepness and slipperiness
Heading south to the Archipelago Sea

As we were about to get out of the shadow of Sorpo island the wind started intensify. I have to say I had butterflies in my stomach because it wasn’t evident what was waiting for us on the open water ahead. However, the journey started in comfortable 7 knot wind which was so smooth compared to all the choppiness of the lakeland.

At sea everything is bigger
Rundharun looked like a cozy islet

We sailed past Högland, Rundharun and some lesser rocky islands on our journey to Sandön island. Its name is Swedish and means The Sand Island. Speed over ground was between 4.5 and 5.5 knots most of the time and it took us less than two hours to make 7.4 nautical miles. Landing to Sandön was easy.

About to land to the northeastern gulf of the island
Anchored at Sandön

We had picnic, explored the island and chatted with other boaters. Even if the water was warm none of us was interested in swimming in the salty water.

Sandön was an impressive destination for all of us. A sandy island in the Archipelago Sea is a rare finding. At its northeastern top there is a very long sandbank which was completely visible in this summer. It extended around three hundred meters from the island.

Peculiar sandbank at the northeastern tip of the island
View to south

Even if there are sand and pine forest on the island its appearance differs from the similar scenery of South Carelian area where we live. In our eyes the vegetation had slight exotic look that made it special.

Strand of the northeastern gulf
Look of the pine forest differs from that of South Carelia

We began our journey back around four O’clock in the afternoon because there was a warning to the Archipelago Sea about modrate gale. Naturally we didn’t want to try sailing in such conditions. We ran smoothly in breeze which was bit stronger than in the morning, around 13 knots. I have to say that for someone, who sails on lakes mostly, the unobscured horizon looks very nice, and for sure there were many occasions to admire it. Also, compared to Lake Saimaa we saw far more sailboats and most of them had sails raised. That’s how it should be!

The Archipelago Sea
Running back in moderate breeze

When we arrived at Paraisen portti strait the pier next to the slipway was full of motor boats. Also, because we were quite cautious about trying to recover the boat using the slipway which wasn’t even sheltered anymore we decided to paddle around the pier and to try to recovere the boat on the small sandy patch there. Some planning and effort was needed but finally the boat was on the trailer and we were able to start driving back.

Boat recovery spartan way
At Våno strait ferry

The trip was highly successful making some great memories for all of us.

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