Pullikainen, east shore

· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 16 M

The objective of the day was to sail to Peräsaari and stop by Pullikainen, to find a lost ornament. The weather was tougher than predicted. At best, the southwestern fresh breeze made us to plane at eight knots in middle of white horses. The biggest waves were around one metre that’s not usual on Lake Saimaa.

Planing between Ylä-Lyly and Kenkäsaari islands

As the southwestern breeze didn’t make landfall to Pullikanen’s sandy beach or to the lagoon to look like a sound option, we chose the modest sheltered eastern shore of the island. After having a picnic we ruled out the plan to go to Peräsaari because the conditions weren’t that optimal for family sailing.

Pullikainen and Kenkäsaari

Instead, we headed for a sandy gulf on the northern side of Pullikainen by paddling along the sheltered eastern shore. The gulf was found but unfortunately it was a forecourt of a summer cottage which was built there. So, we turned back and decided to return to the starting point. However, before that, we anchored on the sheltered bay at the eastern shore and swam around the boat for half an hour. That was fun!

Anchored at the modest eastern shore of Pullikainen
In water of 21°C

During the journey back we had southwesterly breeze instead of milder westerly one. With one reef it was more comfortable.

Despite of all the misfortune the trip was good.