· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 15 M

The forecast predicted to Lake Saimaa area from 5 to 13 knot wind with a chance of thunderstorms and rain showers. Despite of that we decided to have an overnight trip, acknowledging that we might have to look for a sheltered island if thunder would come too close.

The journey to Laajahiekka beach was a pleasant experience gentle breeze. We reached the beach bit after the sunset and prepared our beds. One of the crew even wanted to have a night swim in 23°C water before turning in.

Nautical twilight of August
Couple of the crew wanted to prepare night snack

In the following morning, after a swim and breakfast, we started sailing back. In the beginning light breeze prevailed but some dark clouds sneaked silently from the northwest. They brought lightnings and violent gusts, around 30 knots. After a result of a brief consultation we did an ad-hoc landing to the nothern gulf of Hietasaari island nearby. There we were sheltered from the rain showers, and after they were over the journey went on in good weather.

The journey back began joyfully
Running with violent gusts of the thunderstorm

I have to say that experiencing thunder gusts was both a stressful and exciting experience. You can enjoy of their power but still have to acknowledge the related risks as well.

Above you can see our return route from Laajahiekka to Hietasaari and from there to Sarviniemi.