· The Gulf of Finland · Sarastus · 18 M

The benefits of a trailerable boat were shown once again. The forecast predicted rain, light air and even thunder for Lake Saimaa but a gentle breeze and sunshine for the Gulf of Finland. We decided to head for Keihässalmi in Pyhtää, where we launched Sarastus.

Misty Kaunissaari
Boat dog was pleased
The day was a fine one and the gentle breeze took us to Kaunissaari, which we circumnavigated before landing on the sandy beach at the northern cape of the island.

The marina at the southern cape looked like a place worth of visiting on a better time. The houses of the village there were clearly more than simple summer cottages. The robust breakwater looked convincing as well.

Marina with a breakwater at the southern cape
The village
We also saw a silhouette of Suursaari (Hogland) the first time with our own eyes. It was a misty lump far on the horizon but still an impressive one to scan. Someone wrote that Kaunissaari inherited the status of Suursaari as a special travel destination after the Second World War. Not doubting that.

Suursaari (Hogland) looming
When launching the boat in the morning I forgot to close the drain plugs, that resulted a load of water fountaining under the floor. It kept on moving there during the sail. When we were sailing back, the boat speed was high enough for self-bailers to suck the water out. It seemed that the threshold for the bailers to operate was around 5.0 knots.

It was a pleasant day!

Berached at the northern cape
The northern beach