Building Merisirri

Building of sailing dinghy Merisirri is in progress at moment, although our house renovation project has held it up considerably. The current goal is to launch the boat in 2021. The boat is being built from SCAMP plans (instead of ordering a CNC kit).

The SCAMP building manual divides the building process into 12 stages. The centerboard, the rudder and the rig can be done almost anytime, although it’s recommended to have the centerboard ready before building the centerboard trunk.

Phase Particular
Preparations Customisations and layout plan
Cutting plywood
Centerboard and rudder Centerboard
Stage 1 Jig
Test assembly
Stage 2 Centerboard trunk
Bulkheads 4-7 and seat longitudinals
Stage 3 Stem
Bulkheads 1-3
Mast trunk
Deck support and cabin support beams ← Aug 11, 2020
Stage 4 Transom (bulkhead 8)
Stage 5 Seat cleats and sole cleats
Centerboard pivot details
Water ballast vent
Stage 6 Hull planking
Stage 7 Sole
Stage 8 Seat tops
Side decks preparations
Stage 9 Deck framing carlins
Trailer hook
Stage 10 Deck
Stage 11 Cabin sides with cabin top
Stage 12 Cockpit coamings
Transom cap
Glassing the hull
Rig Mast, boom and yard
Other Compass
Navigation lights
Bilge pump
Cockpit tent
Water thermometer

Someone said that the three hardest things about building a boat are selecting a design, selecting a color scheme, and selecting a name. That may be correct because after all the rest is just about following the instructions.

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