Summer is near

In a nearby pile of dirt, hope finally appears as the first coltsfoots of the spring come out. The amount of sunlight has been increasing rapidly, that is not only starting to warm the waters but also brightens the spirits and increases amount of vitamin D in our bodies, that both are needed by immune system. Now it’s time to outline our goals for the coming season, so here’s the plan.

  • both new and familiar destinations in Saimaa
  • a more distant lake, like Oulujärvi, Pielinen or Päijänne
  • a remote island in the Gulf of Finland National Park
  • Söderskär lighthouse island
  • launching the Scamp well before the lake freezes over

Last year showed how difficult it is to predict the future, and the same trend may continue this year again. However, Finland’s summer nature is a safe place to admire the wonders of creation and distance yourself from the turmoil of the world.