· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 20 M

Weather forecasts predicted very warm weather for quite some time for the Ascension Day. So, we decided to schedule the first sailing for that day. As usual, the first launch requires some refreshing of memory, but it went through without major issues.

Light breeze on Päihänniemenselkä
Near Kätkytsaaren the wind stopped for a while

From the start the wind varied from 6 knots to almost calm. After Kätkytsaari the wind picked up to around 10 knots, which took us comfortably almost to Satamosaari.

When we came to the water west of Satamosaari, the easterly breeze from Lylynselkä started to pick up and became fresh, raised relatively high white-capped waves. The wind speed probably was at least 18 knots. I tried to roll the genoa in, but only half succeeded because I had not checked the sail furling before launching. However, by loosening the sails, the situation was under control, but still the sailing was quite thrilling! The wind was quite shifty and gusty, but we finally made it a little wet to the lagoon of Satamosaari, where we landed.

Satamosaari after the violent fresh breeze
At Satamosaari lagoon

We heated up the sauna and had a picnic. It was nice to be in the warmth of the sauna after a chilly journey. My youngest daughter and my wife had already had their first swim earlier, so now it was my turn. After the sauna and swimming, it was nice to put on dry clothes.

Warming up the sauna
Sauna stove

On the way back, the wind had eased down a bit, but was still blowing at about 15 knots near Satamosaari. After a jibe at the north cardinal mark we started to broad reaching. That was pretty easy and manageable.


So, the new season started in quite a brisk way. Still, we had a great day.