Likosenlahti - Sarviniemi

· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 17 M

The poor weather of the late sprint and early summer weekends started to make me feel frustrated, so it was time to plan something creative. We decided to have a one-way sailing trip from Likosenlahti marina to Sarviniemi. As my wife was not well, she offered to stay at home and drive the tow car to our destination. So, I and my daughters made a one-way sailing trip.

Setting off from Likosenlahti
Fixing the location on chart

Our objective was to run to Sarviniemi before the predicted rain of the afternoon. During the whole trip there was a constant southeasterly fresh breeze.

Ilkonsaaret islands approached quickly
On Lake Saimaa standards the waves became big

Boat’s speed was typically between 6 and 7 knots but 8 knots wasn’t rare either. Bit before passing Ilkonsaaret islands our GPS logged 8.7 knots which is our speed record with Sarastus so far.

We passed Ilkonsaaret islands fast
At 8 knots the bailers worked very efficiently

Even if the average wind speed was often close to 19 knots and gusts close to 28 knots, our journey was totally manageable without reefs on the sails. If we had been sailing close to the wind, it would have felt far colder at wetter.

Ilkonsaaret passed

On Ilkonselkä (open water) we almost experienced a death roll but managed to get off without capsizing. Let’s say that swimming in 12°C water in middle of windy open water wouldn’t have been a pleasant way to start the sailing season.

Sometimes it's tricky to estimate navigation plans of a fast motor craft...

We arrived in Sarviniemi by sailing through Pirunroikka reef. The wind was brisk until the end, and we had to plan dropping sails and paddling carefully. Nevertheless it was trouble-free.

Through Pirunroikka reef
Arriving in Sarviniemi bay
Lowering the mainsail

We retrieved the boat and packed it on the trailer. When driving back to home a light rain started. We all liked our exciting and successful trip, and nobody got wet!

Likosenlahti - Sarviniemi