Nowadays news cover practically only two topics: coronavirus and weather. The spring is advancing and warmth is increasing gradually, and likely the same can be said about the virus too. As a family we had a trip to a local forest lean-to because the weather was so great. It was quite surprising how many hikers we met in the woods. Perhaps in these peculiar times people feel themselves unsafe in cities and want to have a break from watching the screen at home. We also saw a mezereum and a humble coltsfoot, so it can be stated that the sailing season is at the doors!

I have been thinking over the goals of the new season, in addition to concentrating on the boat building project. Currently many European countries have closed their boarders that also means foreign yachts aren’t welcome to their marinas. In case of a sailing dinghy such restrictions aren’t that limiting but let’s hope there won’t be state of emergency related limitations that would affect to the movement within the country too heavily. All kinds of trips to the nature are excellent counterbalance to social distancing and quarantine, so having them permitted is very desirable. Be that as it may, here is an initial destination plan for the season:

  • Lake Saimaa
  • Oulujärvi or Pielinen (lakes)
  • Remote islands of the Gulf of Finland National Park
  • The Archipelago Sea, possibly Jurmo island
  • Bothnian Bay National Park

When waiting for the summer it’s good to keep your immune system as strong as possible to have your defence armed to the teeth when the bug attacks. Basically you can’t boost your immune system but you can avoid the common pitfalls that make it weaker. Based on different expert sources the following little things can help on this objective:

  1. Nutrition. Vitamins and antioxidants are important for immunity. It’s also beneficial to minimize added sugars, as well as anything that promotes low-grade inflammation.
  2. Exercise. Fitness is important from health perspective, and exercise reduces stress.
  3. Water. Drinking enough water helps your body to clean itself. Drinking between meals is better for your digestion.
  4. Sunlight. Natural light cheers you up and increases vitamin D in your body. If you don’t spend long enough in the sun, taking vitamin D supplements is beneficial for your immune system.
  5. Temperance. Besides avoid unhealthy foods it’s also good to be modest when it’s about healthy foods, and obesity is to be avoided.
  6. Fresh air. Air pollutants kill many people every year. Also quitting smoking is a great decision for your lungs. Spending time outdoors is better than sitting indoors.
  7. Rest. Sleeping enough is vital for your immune system. Some experts say getting to bed early is better than sleeping for late.
  8. Trust. Feelings of fear and anxiety are harmful for your health, but faith in God helps you to see through the crisis. Faith also provides an answer to the problem of suffering and sin.

Let’s follow how the spring advances. It is hoped the summer weather would favor all kinds of outdoors activities and spread of the disease could be overcome by then. Yet, the world we are living in will change irreversibly.

The trip to the woods in wonderful springy weather