Shades of yellow

This spring, we had to wait a little longer than usual for the coltsfoots, as cold temperatures only started to ease around Easter. Finally, the hope of summer and a new boating season emerged.

Over the past year, the energy crisis has been on people’s minds. Electricity prices rose dramatically last year, not only because of the blowing up of the Russians’ Nord Stream gas pipeline, but also because of the electrification and digitalization of the society while the predictable balancing power have been shut down. For a sailor, the price of energy mainly affects the life at home and when moving around. On water, you always have access to a renewable energy source, and sailing is all about using it as efficiently as possible but in a managed way.

My ideas for the coming summer include the following evergreen destinations, that are not that different from those of the last spring:

  • Saimaa with both new and familiar destinations
  • a lake a little further away, such as Pielinen or Päijänne, or smaller waters of Saimaa
  • The outer island of the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park
  • completion of the Scamp project before the ice comes

Unfortunately, our family’s old Bernese shepherd dog had to change hands after several months. He came to us about a year ago from a dog breeder, when the dog’s contribution to the breeding work came to an end. The new retired owners will be able to meet its huge social needs much better than we can. At the same time, travelling became easier for us again, as we don’t have to look for care for the big dog. I would say that all three parties benefit from the change in dog ownership, even though the separation from our big furry friend was tough.