The Picks of the Season 2022

Despite the turbulence in the world over the past year, the sailing season was nothing to complain about. However, we have got a new large dog, which limited our sailing somewhat, because a Bernese Mountain Dog is a bit too big to take on a sail, and its claws would not be good on the wooden surfaces of the boat. However, we did get out on the water a few times during the summer.


July was another pleasant month, and according to some sources, heat records were broken throughout Europe. After August, temperatures practically plummeted and did not return to levels that would have made sailing comfortable. The best weather this year was on the trip to Hiekkapakka, when it was warm enough and there was a gentle breeze blowing coming and going. There were some trips in the summer when the brisk wind brought excitement, but in somehow the trip to Hiekkapakka was the most balanced one overall.

Hiekkapakka in July

The Best Destination

This year, I would say, the best destination was Patasaari, which was a very pleasant discovery. The peaceful sandy beach by the clean waters of Petraselkä on a sunny day was a wonderful experience.

Patasaari island

The Best Water

This summer, we only went sailing once outside the Suur-Saimaa. The destination was Pihlajavesi, which we hadn’t been to for years. Although it was a nice change compared to our home waters, I’d still say that Suur-Saimaa with its large open waters, smoother winds and many slipway options takes the win again this year.

The view from Satamosaari to the northwest

The Best Experience

This year, the most amazing experience was the return to Pihlajavesi. The trip provided us plenty of wind, new beautiful scenery and many nautical miles. Our main destination there was Syrjäispää, which is an interesting destination because of its terrain. We had a rather adventurous atmosphere, especially on the first leg of the journey, when we were doing almost nine knots next to the Jänissaaret islands. On the way back, we stopped for picnic at Hiekkapakka, where we made a trip in 2014.

The trip to Pihlajavesi started from Koljonlahti bay

The Most Challenging Conditions

The most challenging weather was definitely during the trip to Peräsaari, when the prevailing wind was at best over 10 m/s. On the way back, we were mainly running, so the sailing was relatively relaxed. On the way back, on the other hand, we had to beat in a strong breeze, that was a demanding and wet experience. The good thing about the brisk wind was that there were no insects of any kind to worry about on Perth Island.

Strong breeze at Peräsaari

The Best New Gear

This year replacing the old paddles became a very concrete issue. In early July I ordered new Lahnakoski paddles, and I am very happy with that decision. There are two paddles, and they are intentionally slightly different sizes, because there are different sizes of us paddlers.

The new and old paddles

The Most Useful New Skill

Learning new skills in home waters at this stage of your “career” is a bit challenging, but old skills were certainly sharpened. Both the trips to Pihjalavesi and Peräsaari were another opportunity to practice sailing in rough weather, which you can enjoy in your own way when you know what you are doing and your gear works.

Looking Forward

The world is really getting so crazy that sometimes you wonder where you will find yourself next summer. Many new adventures have already been outlined, but I’ll tell you more about them next spring, God willing.

Autumn Kallavesi near Kuopio

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