· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 13 M

The forecast predicted nice conditions between the two stormy days, that made us have a day trip in Sarastus to Kaito island, which is located behind some shallow and rocky waters. Southwestern breeze allowed us to sail without tacking, that made us get through the shallows smoothly.

Most of the island is covered by a nature reserve, but there are also some private cottages, whose privacy is to be respected. The special feature of Kaito is the combination of two swampy ponds, that are connected by a small inlet. There are no proper continuous path around the island and you have to be prepared walking in a wild forest most of the time, to get around. The sandy beach on the southern shore is a nice spot. According to our sources Kaito should have a toilet, but we couldn’t find any.

At this time of the year Lake Saimaa is a pretty quiet place, at least during the work days. I think, we saw only up to two motor boats during our trip. In the early summer I like the different shades of green, that the leafy trees with young leaves offer with the evergreen coniferous trees. The color space of a normal screen doesn’t make this perfectly visible. As the summer moves on, the contrast fades.

Kaidonlammit ponds
Kaidonlammit ponds
The southern beach of the island
Kaito with several campfire sites