· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 25 M

We decided to try an overnight sailing trip as a family. By careful planning and packaging all the sleeping bags, the tent and food fit into the bow and aft lockers of Sarastus, all the gear fitted in very well.

The westerly fresh breeze allowed us to broad reach, that made the progress fast. During the sail we heard distant thundering, but it remained there and we didn’t need to find a sheltered shore.

Arriving in the beautiful natural lagoon of Peräsaari island succeeded perfectly, but you had to look out couple of underwater rocks in front of the sandy beach. There are no amenities in the island, but the beautiful terrain compensates that. I tested sleeping in Sarastus under the mainsail. The low space under the thwart limited turning, but I managed to sleep under the mosquito net. The sleeping facilities of the boat require some enhancements still.

During the return trip we experienced the less beautiful side of the Finnish summer. It was calm and there was a light rain. Eventually the wind returned, allowing us to finish the trip. Despite of the weather everybody were happy with the trip as whole.

Broad reach
Peräsaari lagoon
What could beat a delicious picnic?
Twilight starting
The morning seen from the bottom of the boat
The less nice side of the Finnish summer