· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 6 M

The school year ended and the sailing season was started. As the surface water temperature was almost 15°C and there was a light breeze, we decided to have a short day sailing trip. We launched Sarastus and headed for Päihänniemi peninsula, to have a picnic there. The wind was blowing from the northwest, that made the local weather on the southern beach was really warm. It felt really like a summer already.

I also made an experiment, by using an entrance mat for beaching. It made the boat slide more lightly from the water and also preventing sand from wearing the bottom paint. In other words, the experiment was positive. If the mat has been red, we could have boasted coming to the beaching on a red carpet. Well, maybe the sand color is a smarter option…

Littering on shores is something, I can’t understand. We gathered several broken pieces of glass and rusty bottle caps, that someone had forgotten there.

At Päihänniemi
At Päihänniemi
Beaching mat experiment