· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 14 M

The morning was about non-sailing related commitments, so we got sailing in the early afternoon. We chose Listinki island as our destination, where we had visited only once before and which was not too far off schedule.

The wind was variable in the beginning of the journey

In the beginning of the trip it was calm, which reminded of the conditions we had during the trip to Päihänniemi a week earlier. This time paddling wasn’t really an option because we were only two (my wife and I). After a short wait, a light breeze started to blow. However, at the tip of Päihänniemi, it died for a while, but then returned as a gentle breeze which took us to the destination, making the boat to progress at four knots in average.

Dead calm on Kotiselkä
A gentle breeze lasted until the destination

We arrived in Listinki via a shallow strait. There were several boats moored at the island, but there was plenty of space for us. We chatted with a family next to us, had a picnic, swam, and then set off to sail back.

Several boats at Listinki
Sarastus at Listinki

On the way back, we picked up our seat pad which had fallen into the water. That operation was successful.

A seat pad fallen into water

At Kätkytsaari island, a Nordic Folkboat sailed over the shallow between the waterway and the tip of the island, and anchored there. We wondered a bit why the skipper chose such a place, but probably it’s a good choice if you like to watch the passing traffic or to fish.

Nordic Folkboat anchored near Kätkytsaari
Back before dark

It was great to watch the magnificent colors in the western sky as the sun set at nine o’clock. We arrived at the slipway at dusk and got the boat packed before dark. At night we slept pretty tightly after the nice trip.