· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 5 M

The weather forecast predicted light breeze of varying direction. Such a forecast usually means calm periods that is rather unideal for sailing. However, the weather was warm and sunny, so we wanted to get onto the lake. Päihänniemi was chosen as the destination for the trip.

In the beginning we had to paddle as it was dead calm, but soon a light breeze started to blow from northeast that made the boat to sail at four knots at best. Before long, we anchored at Päihänniemi.

Light breeze on Päihänselkä

Apparently the warm weather drew people to the sandy beach both by boat and by land. There really was no need to feel lonely as music was playing farther away and jet skis were speeding questionable close to the beach at times.

More and more people gathered on the beach during the day
Miracles of the nature

Eventually it was time to set off. The wind died, so we paddled most of time. Halfway through we swam a bit after crossing the shipping lane. Bit before the slipway the wind returned like a reward after the paddling session.

The skipper waiting for wind
The best thing you can do when wind dies

The day was beautiful and it was nice to swim. However, the actual sailing was scant, but at least we got some exercise when paddling.