· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 19 M

Our journey began with east wind of 3-4 m/s (5 knots, Force 3), that allowed us reaching most of the time. Our destination was Pullikainen island, which is one of the most popular destinations in the southern Lake Saimaa. The island has an interesting lagoon, which is accessible by keelboats too, even if the route there is very narrow. We chose the southwestern beach for beaching instead of the lagoon, because sand is a more convenient place to beach for a dinghy. East wind also made the shore very sheltered. We looked around and saw several boats in the lagoon.

We had a picnic, swam and enjoyed of the beautiful summer day. There was an experienced sailor on the beach and he was very interested in knowing, what kind of boat Wayfarer is. He has prior experience of Snipe, Windmill and Lightning. I introduced the boat for him.

Eventually it was time to launch and raise the sails. During the return trip we had to sail upwind and tack often. Wind speed was around 6 m/s (12 knots, Force 4) and gusty, that required us to be more alert. According to GPS the top speed was 6.1 knots. We arrived at the bay safely and moved the dinghy onto the trailer. The sailing day was great once again.

Southwest shore of Pullikainen
The east wind made the shore sheltered
Info board
Picnic at campfire
Some other boards headed for the island too
There were different kinds of berries in the interior of the island
Brisk breeze blew during the return trip