Suuri Lintusaari

· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 23 M

One of the top destinations in the previous summer was Suuri Lintusaari. We thought it would be nice to revisit it. A fresh southerly breeze would make it possible to broad reach if we launched from Sarviniemi slipway.

So, we set off in late afternoon on Satuday and headed to east. The breeze blew at 17 knots in the beginning but gradually fell to 8 knots when Suuri Lintusaari started to be close. With a reefed mainsail and crew of four sailing was easily manageable.

Sailing in Kotirannanselkä
Sunset as seen on the beach of Suuri Lintusaari

We arrived at Suuri Lintusaari after eight o’clock and ate our packed dinner. Then we sat at the campfire admiring the sinking sun. A boat ran with a spinnaker and navigation lights turned on, heading for Kutvele canal. That was beautiful to follow. Soon it was a time to turn in.

At campfire

In the morning I woke up before seven and walked the dogs on the beach, and shot few pictures. Further there was a swan couple swimming. Sarastus had managed anchored very well.

Freshness of the new morning
Western sandy beach of Suuri Lintusaari

Our youngest daughter and my wife had a morning swim. Then it was time for porridge which we had while admiring the view. Soon we started to sail back.

In the beginning a gentle breeze blew but by noon turned into a moderate breeze. Sometimes the gusts made us to broad reach at speed of over eight knots.

A gull swimming north from Iso-Vitsai
Cinderella Noel III from Switzerland motoring at 12 knots

We all agreed that the trip to Suuri Lintusaari was pretty perfect.