The Picks of the Season 2017

If you want to mention something positive about the previous summer, you can say that at least there wasn’t any need to water the vegetable garden. Nevertheless we had many nice trips with Sarastus on Lake Saimaa. Here are the highlights of the season.


We experienced the most delightful conditions when sailing around Kyläniemi. A gentle southerly breeze took us to Peräsaari and back to Sarviniemi.

Even if the summer was rainy and cool we managed to avoid the rain almost completely during our trips. Of course we should be thankful for even the little warmth we had because according to certain sources the Nordic countries may face extreme coldness in the future.

Rain wasn't missed in the summer

The Best Destination

The best destination of the season was Peräsaari. The bay sheltered by rocks provides a nice place for swimming, although water temperature isn’t at its highest in middle of the big waters.

There wasn’t a bad destination, although atmosphere in Linnasaari island at night wasn’t a pleasant experience.

In Peräsaari

The Best Water

All our trips took place on Lake Saimaa. In other words, it was the only and the best water of the season. That remindeds of an online article in The Telegraph magazine which listed 18 reasons why Finland is the greatest country on Earth. Lake Saimaa was among those reasons.


The Best Experience

The most memorable experience was watching a Saimaa Ringed Seal swimming around Sarastus during our trip to Kaito, but also running to Linnasaari during sunset and moonrise in August was a grand experience.

The most negative memory is from the grounding near Hiekkapakka. That taught how essential it’s to rely on paper maps instead of electric ones only. Fortunately the spot of the shoal we grounded was of sand which didn’t damage the centreboard.

Evening on Puruvesi

The Most Challenging Conditions

The conditions in Kaidonselkä water were tough when heading for Pieni metsäluoto because of shifty and choppy fresh breeze which made tacking difficult. Fortunately the mainsail was reefed.

The Best New Gear

The best new purchase was the nautical chart of Lake Päijänne. We are going to need it in the future.

The Most Useful New Skill

The number of new sailing skills gained was low this summer, but boat building skills started to raise from zero. Sailing in twilight on Puruvesi was an educating experience, although not the first time in the dark.

The third bulkhead of Scamp

Looking forward

This year was pretty modest from sailing point of view but you shouldn’t let that dispirit you. I’m curious to see what’s waiting for us in season 2018.

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