· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 8 M

Who said, that the sailing season was over? Even if the weekends have been busy recently, we decided to have another cruise to celebrate the warm autumn weather.

We launched Sarastus and headed for Päihänniemi peninsula through small islets. A light breeze was blowing. Beaching was a quick one, as we kept main sail raised until the sand.

Päihänniemi peninsula
Even if the prevailing temperature was just 17°C, the weather at the beach felt warm. Maybe the local climate heated it more. I managed in a T-shirt only and didn’t need to wear the jacket.

The return trip was exciting, or even bit scary. Near the Satamaluoto rocks the centreboard touched the rocky bottom, even if there should have been 3,0 metres, according to the sea chart. Fortunately we were on deeper water soon again. Clearly it’s better keep the rocks far, even if the map promised deep-enough water.

Satamaluoto rocks
Deep channel, that we sailed for some time, had moderate traffic. We were bypassed by a steam boat even, when it was calm for a bit. The captain asked, if we were sure to reach to port on time. Well, the winds became stronger soon and took us to the slipway safely. Could this have been the last sailing trip this season?

Steam ship Unnukka