· Sarastus

After being transported in a cargo ship the Wayfarer arrived at Turku port in Finland, where the freight was unloaded. I drove there and the dinghy was waiting for me in a good condition next to a warehouse. Dealing with Mann Lines staff was fluent and convenient. They were friendly and even curious about my “canoe”, which probably doesn’t represent their typical freight. Overall, I’m very pleased with the service of Mann Lines.

Wayfarer in Turku port

Before visiting in the port, I had got transfer registration plates from a vehicle inspection office in Turku. After attaching another of them to the trailer lightning board, it was time to start the journey to home. There weren’t any problems, except those with Finnish police in a forest passage. They were very curious to know, how the boat was bound to the trailer… Eventually the journey continued.

At home we moved the boat on the launching trolley from the trailer carefully and in the night I built a simple temporary wooden support for the lightning board, that the trailer could be taken to the vehicle inspection without the vessel. In the morning it was time for the inspection, that was passed successfully, and the trailer was registered despite of all my fears. The essential papers were the transfer registration and the sales of contract, which should include trailer’s make, model, build year and production number (serial number).

As both the trailer and the dinghy were transported to home successfully and safely, it’s time to relax after the stressful journey and to let the spring sun do its share.

Weight measurement during the vehicle import inspection