· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 16 M

The persistent high pressure system and record-breaking heat of June gave way to a cooler and rainier period. As Thursday happened to be a rainless day we headed for Satamosaari after a long time.

I have to say that one of the highlights of sailing trips is when you set off and the wind starts to fill the sails moving the boat with accalerating pace as the water ripples at the bow. This time it didn’t feel any lesser.

The journey started in a gentle breeze
View over Ilkonselkä towards Rastiniemi

The journey to Satamosaari was fairly good, although the winds started to fade quite early that made us to choose paddling. Eventually we arrived in the lagoon of the island. After landing we had lunch, sauna and swim. What could be a more pleasant way to spend a day on an island? Because it wasn’t a weekend the island wasn’t that crowded, and those few fellow travelers were peaceful folk.

Together with two other sailors we wondered the purpose of the concrete weights on the shore. Probably they are going to be used for anchoring a pier or a jetty. Let’s hope the weights are only about enhancing existing structures.

Heating the sauna
Christina made a round in the bay

The weather forest changed on course of the day. Initially they had predicted the wind gaining strength in the evening but now the calm extended to early evening too. We decided to set off early but that turned out to be futile as the calms caught us anyway. It was time to had a snack and concetrated to keep the mood high.

Loading the boat
Telltales are pretty helpful

After passing Kätkytsaari the wind started to build up nicely, increasing our speed to 3-5 knots that lasted until to the end of the trip. We had to beat in shallow narrows but that was just good practice.

Joyful gentle breeze
Back at the pier and the slipway

Later in the night the rain returned, but we were more or less asleep already the another beautiful sailing trip. Undoubtedly, summer is the best season of the year in Finland.