· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 6 M

Finally a warm breeze from Central Europe reached the coolness and raininess of the North. We wanted to make a boat trip to somewhere where you could swim comfortably. The weather service predicted northerly light breeze, so we chose Hietasaari as an easy destination.

Sarastus was launched at Sarviniemi, which was an abnormally crowded place, and headed to north. In the beginning light breeze made us to progress nicely at speed of four knots. Unfortunately that didn’t last for long until the wind died for around half an hour. Well, that was a perfect opportunity to jump to the water of 24 centigrade.

When wind dies...

We landed on Hietasaari where the southwestern beach had pretty tropical feel. The wind had build up slightly and there were still some gusts playing by the beach when we came there. The surface water temperature was around 25.5°C!

Proper surface water temperature
Southwestern beach of Hietasaari

Then it was a picnic and swimming time. Ten curious Canada goose (Branta canadensis) arrived and followed closely what we were doing there. During the afternoon, air temperature rose to 29°C that made swimming a pretty pleasant experience.

A wet dog
Canada goose

On the way back, the wind varied from dead calm to light air. Nevertheless, we got back without need for paddling. It was a nice trip again.