· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 5 M

The meteorologists had praised loveliness of the upcoming weekend. The surface water temperatures in southern Finnish lakes have started to be at acceptable level, that allowed to go for sailing confidently in light air. The official marine forecast predicted variable wind from zero to five knots. Essentially that’s not an ideal sailing weather as dead calm is to be expected. Still, it ensured a safe journey and beautiful weather.

We launched Sarastus and set off for Päihänniemi which is an accessible short-range destination. Our top speed was 3.8 knots at Haukiselkä. On Päihänniemi beach we spent the afternoon traditionally admiring the sun and the fresh springy nature, as well as having a picnic at campfire.

Admiring the beautiful afternoon on Päihänniemi sandy beach

During the journey back light air moved us slowly but eventually it died. The journey continued by relying on the highly reliable rye bread engine. We all considered the beginning of the sailing season successful, especially as the spring day was so magnificent!

Russian cargo ship Akbuzat carrying wood to port of Imatra