Listinki and Satamosaari

· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 43 M

It was August and the weather conditions have improved clearly since the record-breaking cool and rainy July. We launched Sarastus and headed for Listinki island, where we arrived in a gentle breeze.

In Listinki you didn’t need to feel yourself lonely

In Listinki we prepared a meal quickly, to continue to Satamosaari island and to pick up our guests from the continent. I have to say, that Listinki beach didn’t meet my expectations. Maybe that was because of the high water level of this summer. Between Listinki and Satamosaari the wind died completely, but returned after Pitkä-Kaito island, that made us arrived at Satamosaari in a light breeze.

Peaceful ride after Kaidonselkä

When beaching at the lagoon of Satamosaari I noticed, how the other boaters watched our arrival very curiously. What made them so interested in us? Maybe they don’t see wooden sailing dinghies that often on Lake Saimaa. In addition to that, a lady had commented to my daughter, that our arrival looked so beautiful. Maybe it was just the beauty of mahogany. Who knows…

We picked up our guests from the continent and reached the Satamosaari in a gentle breeze. During the journey we could admire a beautiful sunset. In the island the rest of the day was spent by having a late dinner and erecting the tent. It seemed, that the nice weather had attracted many other boaters to have a boat trip.

At Ala-Lyly island
Erecting a tent

Next day we heated up the sauna, swam in the lagoon, explored the island and ate some bilberries. In my opinion, Satamosaari is one of the most special islands on Lake Saimaa.

Great conditions for swimming and sauna
Sauna in Satamosaari

Eventually it was time to take our guest back to the continent and ourselves return to the slipway. When sailing from Satamosaari a strong breeze from the south and relatively big waves surprised us. Later I checked out, that Hiekkapakka weather station had recorded an average wind of 10 m/s (Force 5) and 13 m/s (Force 6) in gusts. When beating the waves didn’t let us stay dry, but water both the crew and the cockpit pretty efficiently! I have never sailed in such conditions before. After several tacks we arrived at the destination shore safely, where we unloaded the boat and bailed out water from the cockpit.

After the wet leg

We had a strong tailwind when sailing back to Satamosaari, that made the journey take little time only. Also in the lagoon the wind was gusty, and we tacked several times in the southbound wind until the beach, where we picked up the remaining of our group. After reefing the mainsail, we started the last leg to the slipway. I have to say, that reefing was a good decision, because heeling eased significantly and we were able to use genoa too. When beating in the strong wind our top speed was around six knots.

Fresh breeze at Ala-Lyly island

We arrived at the slipway safely, where Sarastus was pulled up. After that it was time to return to home, where a warm sauna was waiting for us. The trip was wonderful and surely memorable! The seven legs of our weekend trip made about 43 nautical miles in total.

The safe end of the adventure