· Suur-Saimaa · Sarastus · 31 M

Recently Taipalsaari local council published a [change plan draft] for general master plan of Great Saimaa. The change plan is related to Ilkonsaaret and Myhkiönsaari islands. Its objective is to develop the area so, that it could be profiled as a peaceful trip destination. To reach these goals, building piers and more Greek Orthodox builds were proposed.

We headed for Ilkonsaari by boat. The weather is good and the wind bloding from the northwest was mild. Two cargo ships (Cristina and Nina) and a wood barge bypassed us. You can find detailed information about big cargo ships in [MarineTraffic] service, which can be used with smartphone applications too. In addition to AIS information, the service has pictures of most of the ships tracked.

We arrived at the largest Ilkonsaari island, where we swam, had a picnic and hiked around the island. I’m not sure, which parts of the proposed plans are put into practice, which are under consideration and which have been rejected. The island has a wide sandy path and two piers for boats already. The three Greek Orthodox village chapels can be found in the island, but I couldn’t see the proposed four new ones. In my opinion, the existing buildings would do and the island should be kept in as natural condition as possible. Another visitor in the island told me, that the three buildings made the place significantly more peaceful place already. On the other hand, I find it questionable, that a political power favors certain religious denominations.

Nevertheless, the nature in Ilkonsaaret islands is beautiful, because the shores consist of both rocks and sand, although the latter are a minority. The eastern bay of the largest island is a sheltered place to beach almost always.

Once again Wayfarer attracted couple of friendly boaters, who wanted to know more about it. I wouldn’t be surprised, if Sarastus was the first Wayfarer seen on Lake Saimaa ever.

During our return trip wind died completely in the evening, but as sunset time came closer, a nice evening breeze started. We managed to return home before midnight. Can the lakeland look any more beautiful than during sunsets?

Dutch cargo ship Cristina heading for Lübeck at 10 knots speed
Barge heading for local papermills
Ilkonsaaret islands
Ilkonsaaret islands are a popular destination
Greek Orthodox village chapel
They day was calm and warm
Time to rest
End of the golden hour soon
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